Most people are excited when they get a new job. A lot more are very enthusiastic about their first day at work. As an organization, the onboarding process is quite essential as it sets precedence for the working relationship of the new hire and the organization. 

Below, we share a few key pointers we believe are valuable when you want to keep a new hire. Remember, first impressions matter a lot.


  1. Inform the team of the new hire

    A general email can be sent to all members of the team regarding the coming on board of a new hire, communicating the person’s name, designation, and resumption date.

  2. The onboarding process should start a day before the new hire resumes

    The reasoning behind this step is so that everything is organized before the recruit arrives. Have employee handbooks and documents ready. Set up and equip the new hire’s workstation. Create logins and email credentials beforehand. Having the important elements prepared in advance allows onboarding going more smoothly.


  3. Start with an HR orientation

    The first thing employees should do on their first day is have an HR Orientation with the HR Manager or the company designated onboarding personnel. During this time, the employee will ask any questions regarding the offer made to him or her if any, provide the new hire with any necessary paperwork they need to fill out, along with an employee handbook and other documentation.


  4. Orientation by the CEO

    Have your CEO convey the company’s evolution, vision, mission, and strategic plan during orientation. This will have a much bigger impact than having a manager or employee do it. As a CEO, you set the tone of the work environment. Every new hire must see your passion for the company, its mission, and its clients.

  5. Provide orientation on the company’s products and services

    Dive into all of the products and services your firm offers and the needs they fulfil for your customers. You should also walk employees through the company’s website so that they know where to look for answers. Every employee should have a deep knowledge of the products and services you offer.


  6. Set Up Meetings To Introduce The Team to the new hire

    New employees often feel lost or left out in the first few days. The best way to welcome them is to set up meetings and introduce them to all members of the team.


  7. Tour the Office

    From the restrooms to the office kitchen, the conference rooms to the printing stations, it is customary to give new hires a tour of the office on their first day. In addition to the obvious office highlights, also point out the lesser-known locations, such as the mailroom, HR, and security offices. Being familiar with their new environment can go a long way toward making new hires feel more at home.


  8. Assign A Mentor

    Millennials and Gen-Zers have high expectations of their employers. So, provide these new hires with a mentor who passes along institutional knowledge, offers on-the-spot feedback, and willingly accepts reverse mentorship. Your organization will benefit from increased engagement, retention, and productivity.

  9. Take The new hire To Lunch

    Executives who lunch with new hires or teams of newly graduated employees build rapport, inspire an immediate sense of connection, and gain valued insight from a new perspective. Keeping up with current trends and gaining feedback on the changing needs of employees provides a priceless return on investment

  10. Encourage new associates to take notes and ask questionsLastly, encourage new associates to take notes so that they do not feel as though they have to cram a ton of information in on the first week. Always ask if they have questions and institute an open-door policy so that they feel as though they can come to you with questions, comments, and concerns.

 Is there anything we missed out on? Let us know. 

How do you, onboard new associates? We would love to hear your tips.


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