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Business development has come to be the driving thematic force behind every successful startup or business. It likewise is the same overview point from which unsuccessful businesses failed. Stressing the importance of business development in every profit-oriented organization can never be overemphasized. Why? As much as business development means a number of things to several organizations, it’s underlying foundation is responsible for creating long-term value while achieving organizational goals.

As a marketer, sales rep, Manager (relationship, admin e.t.c.), any position at all involving business development, top-line growth is statutory to which success in business is measured. Achieving this state, however, draws the line between successful businesses and unsuccessful ones, and it is not just some run through the pack. Challenging as this may be, management still expects delivery. Here’s what we will do differently now, below are five tips to help you grow as a business development manager;

Trust your guts:

Sounds cliché, doesn’t it? But here’s how it is different, MAKE your Research, then trust your guts. Do not make decisions on hearsay, pull your resources together, get your facts and then trust your business instincts. As it is said, “Define a problem properly, and the solution will present itself”, the solution is not always one option, but multiple choices. This is where your battle instincts take over and present you the best course of action.

Expect the worst:

The comfort zone is the most toxic and dangerous zone for every person’s career, regardless of the position you find yourself. Staying in your comfort zone implies that you operate on the basis that everything will remain the same forever. If wishes were horses…… Expecting the worst readies you for every unplanned event that is sure to take place. Doing this ensures creativity and give the heads up to impending disaster.

Prioritize and delegate:

Lamenting that there is not enough time is a common factor that business development managers always are associated with. This is not an excuse for productivity. The best way of tackling this obstacle is to prioritize and focus on the most important things at hand. Another option is delegating. Understanding that every task cannot be carried out by yourself alone. Knowing and understanding this will help you handout task that does not require your attention.

Hire the right fit:

Every organization has its culture. Hiring the right fit for this culture matters a lot. The wrong fit is sure to disrupt the organization’s flow. And incompetent ones could result in loss of huge deals. Imagine delegating to someone not up to the task or who is underperforming, it spells doom for the business.

Make Connections:

The right time to start making connections as a business developer is the moment you decide to walk the path. Both within your organizations and outside of it, you don’t know when you will need that connection. As many connections as you make, not all will help and not all will be willing to help, but still meet with them. You don’t know when an ordinary “Hi” to the right person will get you that deal

To Build the Best Business Development Career you have to live these 5 tips above.