Drilling Manager(Position Closed)

Job Title: Drilling Manager

Job Summary

The drilling manager is responsible for drilling, production, and engineering operations for an organization. Manages the planning and execution of drilling projects, the development of oil and gas fields, and the analysis of reserves. He/she also analyses and design drilling plans according to data and rate of production, follow budgeting guidelines and bring necessary to curb cots, conform to government guidelines in following drilling procedures.

Responsibilities and Duties
• To ensure excellent drilling programs and performance from the employees.
• Maintain a good and healthy relationships with employees and contractors.
• Checking the expenses involved in the projects and that the equipment is indeed up to date so as to provide quality work toward the employers.
• Ensure that the engineering designs, operations, practices, and training meet the desired outcome of the employers.
• Work with the client drilling department on the assignment of wells
• Monitor and manage the contract to ensure uninterrupted operations
• Work with client contract department to get new contracts
• Advises on pricing levels for equipment and services
• Advises on tendering for work
• Monitor competition performance, pricing, and activity
• Works with the technical department to introduce new drilling tools and services
• Analyze and design drilling plans according to data and rate of production.
• Analyze, design and monitor engineering well sites and prepare reports.
• Follow budgeting guidelines and bring about necessary changes to curb costs
• Conform to government guidelines in following drilling procedures.
• Train engineers, lead contractors and solve engineering problems arising during drilling.
• Keep informed about the latest engineering techniques and software.
• Prepare and summarize progress reports for management and client staff.
• Track and guide the work and performance of engineers and peer engineering groups.
• Manage and assess staff progress, and recommend newer methods through researching markets and government guidelines.
• Coordinate with geologists and other professionals during designing and calculate torque and hydraulic data accurately.
• Ensure accuracy and completion of reports before submission to the petroleum department.
• Prepare resources as per requirements, support drilling personnel and recommend optimization technologies

Educational Requirements
 Bachelor’s degree holder with a minimum experience of 10 years in drilling operations, five years of which in supervisory role.
 Should have excellent command in English both verbally and written.
 Must able to adapt and work effectively in a multi-disciple environment.