HR Business Partner (Position Closed)


Job Title


Human Resources Business Partner




Human Resources


Job Summary  & Purpose


This role ensures  effectiveness in managing, developing, motivating and retaining staff in the Company








Reports to whom


 Direct reports from:


Internal relationships



External relationships

Human Resource Manager HR Officers


All Staff


·    Consultants

·    Health care providers / HMOs

·    Vendors and Service Providers

·    Labour Unions

·    External Auditors









·        Act to ensure the achievement of HR strategy and objectives

·        Lead and direct the HR team in the Company to deliver appropriate and efficient customer focused service across the HR value chain

·        In conjunction with the HR Manager, act to ensure all company policies and procedures are up to date in line with regulatory requirements.

·        Identify gaps in existing HR policies compared to business needs and contribute to the development and implementation of HR policies and procedures in the Company to ensure compliance.

·        Develop effective working relationships with the senior management team to ensure the delivery of HR plans to support the achievement of business areas and HR strategies

·        Embed a performance management culture within the business unit as a means of business improvement by ensuring clear objectives, feedback and the improvement of deliverables through behaviors aligned with company values.

·        Oversee the management and timely resolution of employee-related disciplinary and grievance issues at the Company

·        Ensure optimal utilization of the HR budget

·        Manage human resource information management systems

·        Obtain and review feedback from staff to aid/improve  HR service levels and provide alerts on HR issues that may impact on other areas of operations

·        Make a report on the performance of the HR functions

Person Specifications Academic Qualification Professional Qualification Experience
·        Minimum of first degree in social science, Industrial Relations/ Business Administration/ related field. Relevant professional qualification e.g. CIPM, SHRM Minimum of 5 years of work experience in HR Management with at least 1 year in a supervisory role.
Key Skills and competencies


·        Good knowledge of best practice in HR policies and procedures

·        Good knowledge of HR systems

·        Proficiency in the use of relevant computer applications for reporting.

·        Ability to work within tight schedules and timelines.

·        Strong project and change management skills.

·        Well-developed collaboration and communication skills.

·        Good negotiation skills.

·        Good Interpersonal and people management skills.

·        Excellent leadership and team building skills.

·        Intuitiveness and attention to detail

Physical Exertion N/A
Key Performance Metrics:


Performance Area Performance Indicators
HR Strategy and planning §  Alignment of HR strategy with Group’s business strategy and objectives

§  Quality of recommendations to management on HR-related issues

§  Accuracy and timely preparation of HR budget

Organizational design ·     Adequacy of organizational structure to meet business needs
Organizational culture §  Culture awareness level among staff

§  Number of disciplinary cases for non-compliance with company culture

§  Feedback from internal and external surveys

Staff Recruitment and Placement §  Adequacy and timeliness of manpower planning

§  Quality of recruits

§  Performance of newly recruited staff

§  Staff attrition rate

Training and Performance Management §  Relevance of training programs to development needs of staff

§  Quality of work outputs/deliverables from trained staff

§  Effectiveness in monitoring staff performance


Information management

§  Accuracy and completeness of staff information

§  Ease of tracking & retrieving up to date staff information

Leadership §  Level of Coaching, Mentoring, and training of departmental staff.

§  Respect for individuals

§  Achievement of set/agreed objectives


Customer Service

§  Effectiveness of service delivery and support to the business

§  Turnaround Time (TAT) on the delivery of assigned tasks

Communication §  Effectiveness and timeliness of upward and downward communication and feedback