Job Summary

Location: Lagos
Age: 30 – 45 Years

Logistics management involves the flow of materials and goods through a business. He/She will oversee the departments that receive materials and supplies into a business.


Scope Of Work

To oversee the warehouse, inventory control, material handling, customer service, transportation, planning workers  movement, distribution and storage of materials in an organization. Control the flow of incoming materials and outgoing finished products to ensure customers receive products on time.

Job Requirements:
• Develop, implement and manage a consistent and coordinated approach for the distribution of materials,assets and equipment to meet production requirements
• Provide cost-effective, timely, and traceable movement of company supplies both within and outside the plant.
• Develop, implement, and maintain policies and systems relating to monitoring costs and efficiencies.
• Plan and coordinate internal audit of warehouse stock intermittently
• Ensure strict adherence to company procedures in the distribution of materials and finished products and always strive to improve the company supply chain.

Qualifications & Competencies:

• A minimum of second class lower bachelor’s degree in social sciences, accounting or any related fields.

Skills & Competencies

• Excellent of knowledge of MS Excel, Word, Power-point, etc.Ability to meet tight deadline

• Excellent Interpersonal skills

• Should possess strong problem solving skills

• Extensive knowledge of transportation/distribution methods and procedures

• Minimum of 10 -12 years experience of which a minimum of 5 years should be in a managerial or supervisory role

Personal Qualities And Behavioral Traits:

• Results oriented, entrepreneurial and self-motivated

• Tenacious and resilient, driven to achieve even when faced with obstacles

• Leadership and interpersonal skills capable of building strong working relationships and influencing and customers and internal teams

• Strong analytical skills with ability to develop strategies, tactics and measurable implementatio

• Ability to think outside the box