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Getting that dream job and what to do before you get the job. According to statistics released on the unemployment rate in Nigeria. The youth unemployment rate averaged 23.63 percent from 2014 until 2018, reaching an all-time high of 38 percent in the second quarter of 2018. Yes, most people know this fact, it’s on the news every time we switched on the TV or listened to the radio, it is on the majority of all the blogs you read.

As saddening as this is, no one offers ways to go about leaving this state of unemployment and actually getting a job or what to do while you keep trying to land that dream job.

Hints on what to do:

  • Audit your search:

Your search has to be optimized for your field of interest. Do not go submitting applications for different positions hoping to get one at least. However, if the situation calls for applying for other positions, ensure your CV is streamlined to the job description. In other words, you should make a CV for each job application. Point of note; your CV is only a representation of your career objective and the only function is to get you an interview.

  • Know where to search:

Yes,  not all companies put up job adverts. This is to avoid the unscrupulous multitude of applicants and also to avoid the fortune it costs to place adverts on newspapers(killing two stones with one bird) ever seen a Julius Berger Construction company ad? And no they do not have immortals working there. As much as it’s nice to search online job boards such as Ngcareers, Myjobmag, etc. these companies also have websites/portals for recruitments.So if you have not been doing this, get on it to get your dream Job.

  • Google Alerts:

Google has grown beyond been just a search engine, adding more tools for both corporate users and general users, one of such tools is the Google Alerts. These alerts help you create keywords that will scrub through the internet and deliver hits with direct links in return. When you create an alert like “Graduate Trainee”. It constantly searches for that on the web and delivers links to every single hit it gets to your account

  • Stay relevant:

Most graduates after leaving school they feel there is no need to study again, well guess what? You could not be more wrong. The Nigerian education system has done its best (even though it could do better) by delivering a certificate to you and your fellow graduates. This means you are not the only one out there with a certificate. While you seek employment, learn a skill, pick up something to distinguish you from other applicants. Stay relevant.

  • Network and Follow HR Companies:

You should not be surprised that people around you are in the position to recommend you for a job opportunity, so speak out, talk to them. Let them know your current employment status. Also, Some companies prefer outsourcing recruitments to HR companies such as ours @kloverharris limited. follow their social media page, sign up for newsletters(if they offer such services). Currently, We are recruiting for the positions of National Sales Manager, Trade Marketing Manager, Credit Officer, and Lease Marketing Officer.

  • What to do while searching for a JOB.

Searching for a job is a job itself, so you need to keep yourself sustained financial-wise. There is a service you can render to people. People who need to get things done but probably do not have the time or do not know how to go about it. Services such as proposal writing, graphic design, etc. Freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr etc. All provide you the opportunity to work from home and you get paid while you search for your dream Job.

As you stay relevant you can also get paid by doing some of these jobs on freelancing websites.

While this piece is not exhaustive, critical efforts need to be made to make the youths in the employment bracket saleable, valuable and invariably reducing the unemployment rate in Nigeria for a sustainable economy.