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Virtual reality or VR

As it is abbreviated in its most layman language. And deduction from the two words virtual and reality will mean the creation of a simulated environment using computer technology. Necessity being the mother of all inventions led to this. Big-time gamers wanting and demanding more than just joysticks and modules. The need to interact with other characters and “Live” the gaming character and “experience” the virtual world of a game firsthand has nudge technology into VR.

As virtual reality (VR) software becomes more sophisticated, users are able to interact with the environment through multiple senses. Our brains and bodies begin to experience the virtual environment as real and interact with it as we would in reality.

This is the result of the rapidly closing technological gap between virtual and real.which has proven itself a better medium to enhance muscle memory, i.e. teaching by experience

Experiencing this helps improve muscle memories as the experience and knowledge stays longer in our memory compared to things we were told, taught, and observed.

VR in Healthcare

Various applications of this technology are being studied to aid the improvement of healthcare. In such areas including to lessen acute pain; to treat psychiatric conditions such as phobias, anxiety disorders, and addictions. It will also aid to provide cognitive training and improve limb function in those with neurological disorders. Taking on the role of assisting with accelerated physical rehabilitation.

The place of VR in accelerating medical education such as quick and safe surgical training cannot be overlooked. Learning possibilities are endless, as it creates perfectly detailed 3-dimensional representations of organs, diseases, bacteria, and the likes.

But think about how this can be used to change certain mindsets about healthcare. How it can be applied to personalized therapy, overcoming Phobias.

Its application to healthcare is quite diverse leading to healthier patients and the overall cost of healthcare will take a nose dive