What to expect from 5G?

What to expect from 5G?

4G has created quite the uproar with its reliable speed and streaming. With a hunger for more access to the internet at our fingertips; the introduction of 5G. 5G is promised to bring with its tide, a revolutionary advancement in communications technology.

We have witnessed quite the advancement in communication with 3G and 4G with such services as Google stadia (a game streaming platform moving the market away from console), Netflix (An online video streaming service), and the new Disney+ around the corner (Also an online video streaming service). These services can only be limited by the speed at which data can be transferred, hence, the “Need for speed”.


Boasting data transfer speed 100x faster than 4G LTE, 5G is all about communications between housewares and devices. Such as refrigerators, TV Sets and mobile devices all communicating with one another seamlessly.

This is already promising to be quite the step to having smart devices to better communicate with each other. Its uses span across all professions

you will agree with me that 5G assures that surgeries can now be done in real-time. With Artificial intelligence and Machine learning leading innovation, some procedures might not even require the presence of a doctor. It would be way easier to monitor patients’ health without distance being an interference. Automated ambulances, automated tests, etc.

Actual real-time classes, more practical use of the internet without interruptions. Imagining a state of the art class with all gadgets communicating with each other. With all of these preparing students for the modern labor market.

Another sector to fully benefit from this is agriculture. Agriculture will be fully automated, with information of better-optimized farming process and practice at the fingertips of farm operators. Also leading to a smarter and better means of studying the environment

This does not in any way spell doom for the terms of employment, or a reduction in employment rates. Quite contrary to this as we always preach here at KloverHarris.

While we expect a faster internet and the internet of things, we also expect smarter gadgets. With unlimited possibilities, 5G is only the beginning of the future.

In Nigeria, the NCC has recently approved the trial of 5G spectrum amidst mixed feeling of the objective.

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