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Creating the best environment for the introverts. The workplace is a meeting point for different personalities. Comprising of various persons, with different character traits. Thus, making the workplace a meeting-point for both introverts and extroverts. Due to their natural instinct to be open, speak freely and voice out their concerns, many organizations tend to be pro-extroverts.

Leading an organization requires getting the best from each and every member of the team. Implying that regardless of their personalities, you have to get all your employees on board. Before we proceed let’s understand something about introverts. Introverts are people like you and me, they just derive energy from being alone. Deriving energy from active dialogue with themselves and have many thoughts in their heads. This does not mean they can not process ideas, or be creative. Introverts are quite the thinkers actually because they spend more time ruminating on different possible solutions to problems. Some even enjoy the company of others, but still, need that alone time.

Making your workplace introvert-friendly brings about an atmosphere where you get the best of your team. Here are some ways you can go about Creating the best environment for the introverts :

Personalized Workspace with a touch of varieties

While Open office spaces are the order of the days in the previous century, many organizations in the 21st century are very much open to personalized workspaces that allow each member of your staff to personalize their office space. This ensures they build an environment they can feel more comfortable in. Including varieties of rooms that can create environments such as quiet rooms, collaboration rooms etc. will go a long in aiding the introverts in your team to be more comfortable and approachable. It will not hurt to include a remote working day in the week for all employees.

No Surprises

Introverts thrive in an environment where they do not expect surprises. This gives them time ahead to prepare for every scheduled meeting or briefings that would occur. Surprise meetings are unavoidable, but its best to keep it at a minimum and give them ample time to get prepared for it.

Small Group Meetings

Introverts, generally do not like being in large groups as they tend to keep to themselves. Having a smaller group meeting lure them out of their shells to become more proactive in discussions.

The Game Changing Art Of Questioning and Listening

Everyone wants to be listened to. No one appreciates being shunned. Most times, the best way to deal with introverts is to ask them directly(Preferably, One-on-One). Asking their own opinion, or advice makes introverts feel valued and not discarded.

Most of the best strategist and problem solvers are introverts. Striking greatness from ruminating ideas in their heads. Having introverts on your team should not mean the end of your organization or team but rather the start of something great. Are Introverts really worth the stress of going through all these? 

Yes They Are