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The Emerging WorkForce VS The Human Workforce. Machines and AI aside the bleak possibility of taking over the world really has great opportunities to offer the world. Technological innovations have been on the constant rise with great minds pushing the limits of what we thought possible with technology. Invariantly, this has led to a steady rise in the number of machines all around the world, as well as the number of tasks that can be performed by machines. This development as foretold is leading to a more competitive, intelligent and highly productive workforce. We have witnessed this in the accelerated drop in the old skill sets in these sectors: business, governance, management, and technology.

Evidently, the future of every workforce cannot be determined now, but with the rise of AI, it will lead to a highly complex, dynamic, competitive and challenging future. Therefore creating several skills and models the human workforce will be required to learn

The future of work for The Emerging WorkForce vs The Human Workforce

The human workforce as competitive as it is now is going up against a new machine workforce with AI in the brain box of it. This new machine workforce has evolved past completing routine job roles. And quite soon (if not already) will be competing with the best in the human workforce collectively and individually. Machines can now think on their own, learn new things, develop patterns and proffer equal or better solutions to tasks the human workforce perform.

This will surely lead to a new and confusing society the human workforce is not prepared to face. if not tackled now, the human workforce will, therefore, have to pick up the leftover from the machine workforce take over. Considering that the nature of work itself today is changing/evolving. As we have more corporations permitting working remotely, freelancers working across borders. The transition to a machine workforce is already en route as we witness job security performing disappearing acts in various organizations.

The role of each nation

A change this drastic and impending is a concern to all nations of the world. As a result of this, every nation should evaluate the difficulty of the change. As well as how it will affect every sector of the economy. And models for a seamless working environment for both the human workforce and the machine workforce should be developed with the objective of answering these questions:

  • Can the human workforce prepare for a future that is not clear yet?
  • How should the human workforce be prepared?
  • How will human workforce talent need to change?

The Role We Owe to Ourselves

The Human workforce has always faced changes and found ways to adapt to them. We owe it now to ourselves to embrace this change. See it as an opportunity to build on yourself. It’s not enough to be the brightest in the room. Now it’s going to take being the most technologically aware in the room. As well as the most informed because it will be a very large room with very competitive individuals.